The studio was founded in 2010 by Francois Dediste, a passionate audio engineer that graduated at IAD Louvain-La-Neuve.

The latter has been practising the art of recording for more than 8 years.


Our Services:

• Recording

• Sound Replacement

• Editing

• Reamping

• Mixing

• Mastering

• Complete Sound Production for an album

• "Live" sound recording

• Mobile recordings (16 tracks)

• EP and demos


The philosophy of the studio is: "Whatever the means, only one thing matters: The Result!"

In order to reach your objectives, you could count on a studio that is equipped with an impressive array of tools:

• The cutting edge recording softwares like "ProTools", "Cubase" and "Wavelab", the best plugins available on the market including the majority of Plug Ins from "Universal Audio", "Waves", "Slate Digital" and "Toontracks"

• Various tube amps responding to specific musical criteria. Various speakers equipped with "Celestion", "Emminence"

• A complete Microphone Park

• Various analog units for a "warm sound" (see Gear List)

• Great tools for amp simulation: "Fractal Axe FX Ultra", "Line 6 Pod Pro", "Tech 21 Sansamp" and a wide range of simulations Plugins.

• A Standard Maple Drum is also available, as well as a wide range of guitars and basses (Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Ltd by ESP, Hagstrom)

• A 24 inputs microphone patch

• The studio can support a wide range of musical styles: rock, metal, acoustic music or jazz

• The studio can also offer you a "Live" recording solution where musicians play simultaneously for a more "alive"  result.


François Dediste

François Dediste

Audio Engineer / Owner
Rudy Lenners

Rudy Lenners

(external member)Music Director (On Request) (ex Scorpions Drummer)